Earth is facing an overwhelming energy crisis with dwindling reserves. In response the government has constructed a high-speed rail line across the Prairie provinces and developed air shipping routes between major city centres.


In anticipation of the arrival of the high-speed rail, streetcars are put into service as workhorses to help construct the Remix City. The Hopper breaks the stranglehold of the ‘car-only’ option of the city. It swarms and infests the streets, dismantling the power of the automobile as it reclaims the city.


A Hopper faces many obstacles and challenges as it navigates the streets. With the ultimate right-of-way the streetcars navigate the city with a series of sensors as it tramples over automobiles that are in its path while yielding to pedestrians. Damaged cars are captured and dragged back to the Hive; a semi-subterranean train station and maintenance facility nest for the colony of electric streetcars. Here cars and other reclaimed materials are to be dropped into the Car Recycling machine to be dismantled and reused to reconstruct the city.


One of the Hoppers has inadvertently killed a pedestrian. Was it misfortune or murder? There is a heightened anxiety as the public loses faith in the transit network and protests for answers. The streets are in a panic; and a cynical hard-boiled detective (you the viewer) is called in from across the Prairies to unravel THE REMIX CITY...